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Description, cultivation and planting

Black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Elliott) is a species of shrub with black fruits originating in North America, where it grows wild. Currently, there are bout several cultivars of chokeberry. One of them is Galicjanka selected in Poland. Apart from black chokeberry, there are also two other kinds: red chokeberry and purple chokeberry.

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History and origin

Chokeberry comes from the North American east coast. Its wild form grows in the territories of Canada and the USA. The name has not gained popularity for the plant, which remains a wild shrub in its natural habitat.

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Qualities and application

Chokeberry is an extraordinary plant that can select from its environment only those substances it needs to develop, disregarding other substances, including those unbeneficial for humans. It does not absorbs any industrial or transport pollution.

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