Ecological and organic chokeberry orchard nursery

Our adventure with chokeberry has begun in 1979, that is over 30 years ago, when we have founded the first chokeberry plantation in the region. In the first 10 years we have focused mainly on the production of chokeberry fruits and the cultivation methods.

In 1988 we have started a professional manufacture of chokeberry cuttings and seedlings. Our farm is monitored by the State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service in Lublin regarding the plant quality control and plant health. We are a registered manufacturer and supplier of nursery material and ornamental plants (State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service, reg. no. 06/05/9937). The ecological quality of our products is also monitored (reg. no. PL-EKO-01-3000) by the "EKOGWARANCJA PTRE Sp. z o.o." Certification Body (ID PL-EKO-01), which supervises and certifies the ecological production process exercised on our farm.

Our ecological chokeberry cuttings, seedlings and fruits have gained a wide popularity on the market. To confirm the high quality of our products we have obtained in 2005 a certificate that proves that we produce our plants with use of ecological production methods.

As a result of examination in 2007 we have received an ecological certificate and in 2008 – the Ecological Certificate of compliance of the production process with the requirements specified by Directive Regulation 834/2007 CE (former EEC 2092/91).

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