Plant nursery – the cuttings and seedlings production

Our ecological nursery farm has been specialising in the production of chokeberry seedlings and cuttings since 1988. Owing to our long experience and sound knowledge of chokeberry we have been manufacturing top quality nursery material for years. We produce both cuttings and seedlings.

Cuttings are made from our own selected best-quality mother plantations characterised by high bearing. In order to adjust our offer to various likings of our customers, we have included also seedlings from specially selected fruits. 

Weeding is done manually, which guarantees the highest possible quality of seedlings with no damaged shoots, buds and roots. The high cultivation culture in the nursery contributes to the proper development and maximal growth of the root system. The nursery farm is equipped with a highly efficient drip system to ensure optimal humidity of the soil.

The species of Aronia we cultivate are shrubby dwarf cultivars Galicjanka and Nero that ensure high yield.

Exemplary photos of our plantations may be found in the Gallery.

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